About Us

You might say we got into this business by accident. But our journey since then has been anything but.

New England Outdoor Sheds & Gazebos got started back in the ’60s, when woodworkers Joe Bartolotta Sr. and his son, Joe Jr., began building and selling outdoor structures like picnic tables, doghouses and swing sets. Lacking a proper office or showroom, they stored the goods in sheds they made themselves. It wasn’t long before customers started asking about the sheds rather than the products stored within them, and our business was born.

Forty-five years later, a lot has changed … but some things haven’t. We’re still family-owned, run by the third generation of the Bartolotta family. We’re still obsessed with craftsmanship and quality — so much so that if we get a shipment of wood that isn’t up to our standards, we call the truck to take it back.

This same dedication to craft has led us to embrace today’s advanced building methods and technologies, so we can offer ever more customized and modern designs to our customers. No matter what you need a shed for — equipment storage, pool toys, home yoga studio — we’ll build it, and build it well.

As for that office, we have a real one now. A nice one, where you check out our sheds and even design your own. Drop by for a visit, and see for yourself what makes us New England’s premier shed builder.