Celect Composite Siding Options

There’s a whole other level to siding. It’s called Celect® Cellular Composite Siding by Royal®. Engineered to elevate your entire home exterior with gorgeous, virtually seamless looks, Celect is durable, virtually maintenance free and compatible with any home design. Care to step up?

Celect is made from recyclable, state-of-the-art cellular materials. Which means it won’t rot, split, crack, warp, twist, blister, flake, peel, delaminate or suffer loss of structural properties due to termites, microbiological growth or other decay.

Popular Color Profiles

Celect’s colors exist to synchronize, showcase and shine a light on your home’s true design potential. And their fade-resistant Kynar Aquatec® coating ensures their power to redefine will truly last. Use our color combination tool to create your own powerful complementary partnerships.

Here are a few popular combinations…